Elevation Coaching Classes is your one stop destination for Maths and Physics coaching for classes XI and XII. We further help students achieve distinction in NEET, JEE, NDA and other competitive exams for engineering and MBBS entrance. Our faculty is excellent and very experienced, who will understand all your needs and cater services tailored to each student and our results shows it.

Mathematics By Professor C.K. Kalra:


Professor C.K. Kalra has been teaching in chandigarh for the past 8 years gathering techniques to crack the most difficult problems and presents them to the students in the easiest way possible. He has taught students ranging from different mind levels and has grown accustomed to reach the levels of each student. Further, he has intense knowledge of the pattern of Board exams and JEE and plans his curriculum accordingly. He knows that not every student can attempt 30/30 questions in JEE Maths so there is no need to teach everything to each student.

What some of the students do is to keep practising difficult questions, the questions which are never going to be asked in JEE mains or advance exams. Some of the topics are not even in syllabus now. Here we know which questions will be coming in the exam and of how many marks thus we can easily focus on the important concepts. This is enough for an average student to score well and secure admission in a good college.

While what the other institutes do?
They teach with the same speed and give same questions to solve to each and every student , but what happens is that just the brilliant students are able to cope up and others end up copying the answers from the board. As a result, the good students are reduced to being just average with their grades declining in the school as well as the institutes.
Not every student can study in a batch of 100 odd students. So, don’t ruin your child’s future by comparing him to other students in institutes. Give him exactly what he needs, that is, a study plan paced according to your child.
Parents always say to their ward “go step by step”, but do we actually follow each and every step. A big question to think upon.

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Physics By Professor Rohit Kalra


With the vision to provide excellence in goal oriented education & to raise the need of systematic and planned approach for JEE/NEET/AIIMS exams , Prof. Rohit Kalra is offering his services from last 7 years to make you deliver more than what you think and to convert your dreams into achievements. With his vision Geniuses are Made not Born, they are made by commitment, dedication and hardwork, he makes every effort so child can understand the basic concepts in an interesting way. Its a great reminder that what matters most is the deliberate practice we put into our work. With believe JEE/NEET is not difficult, it is different and difference is created by making intelligent questions remaining confined within the syllabus , we train students to improve upon all those aspects.

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